What is Hexoder

Hexoder is a simple blog website which is talk about Linux (mostly about Elementary OS, Ubuntu and Debian) and learn programming with JavaScript.

So in this website, you will get all about learning javascript, tutorial javascript, information about linux and research about popular library in NPMJS. I will try to explain in very simple explanation so that it will be useful for beginners.

Why Linux Elementary OS?

Linux Elementary OS is very beautiful, clean, elegant, easy to use and based on Ubuntu which is has big repository and community. I comes from Mac and now using Elementary OS as replacement from Mac. It’s better for you to use Linux everyday. Linux is very user friendly for Programmers.

Why JavaScript?

In the past years JavaScript was only used to support server side programming languages such as PHP, Python, etc. But only as a client side.

However, since Ryan Dahl created NodeJS, JavaScript can be used as a server side language. This is a big thing and I’m sure JavaScript will be the future in the programming world. Proven since 2010, JavaScript has always been the most popular language to learn. More over today Deno has released, which is Ryan Dahl said, Deno more better than NodeJS.

So it’s not too late if you want to start learning JavaScript from now on. Hexoder will try to provide a very simple explanation for you.

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Thank you