Hello guys, today I will write a tutorial how to use openvpn client in elementary os for free. Sometimes I would like to access some websites which is not available in my country. So the solution is you have to use VPN. How to use it to my device elementary os?

Kind of VPN types

Not protocol types of VPN, I mean as a client there is two of VPN types :

  1. Installed on your machine
  2. Addons Browser

In this article I will talk about VPN which is installed inside elementary os and from addons browser. One of popular VPN client is OpenVPN. Actualy OpenVPN is already installed as default in elementary os. If not you can just install OpenVPN from terminal like this.

$ sudo apt install openvpn

I don’t have VPN Server

It’s ok, we don’t need this, actualy there is many VPN service out there. But I recommend to use vpnsplit.com. Why? because vpnsplit.com give real free unlimited VPN service. They also work for multiple devices like iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Tutorial OpenVPN

To use OpenVPN, you will be need a .ovpn config. So here is the tutorial step by step to use OpenVPN for free:

Create Account

For the first time, you have to create your VPN account in vpnsplit.com. After you have one free VPN account from it, don’t forget to save it in notepad, because it work for 1 Month. If your VPN service has expired, you are able to renew it again in the next month.

Download Config

In the vpnsplit.com, there is download config button. You have to click it to download the bundle of .ovpn config. The bundle is contains around 13 server VPN from many countries. After the download success, don’t forget to extract it into your any directory location.

Run from Terminal

You don’t need a GUI, so getting start making connection to VPN server with OpenVPN, you have to open your terminal and run this command below.

$ sudo openvpn --client --config /home/your/path/location/of/config.ovpn
  • Wait for a second then you will asked for your account username and password.

  • If your account is correct then wait for a second and now you are connected already.

Check your IP address

To make sure you are in private connection by VPN. You can visit canyouseeme.org, then look at your IP is already changed or not.

Tutorial VPN by Addons Browser

Most of VPN from addons browser is included an account VPN server, so you don’t need to register any VPN service or using your own VPN server. Using VPN by addons browser is more simpler than above tutorial.

So here is tutorial using VPN by addons browser:

Install Opera Browser

Wait, Why we must install opera browser? I have Chrome browser already. The reason is Google not recommend to use their service with VPN, so it will be more safely if you using VPN connection with another browser. So your google account will be safe and you privacy data will be more simple to cleanup as it is from different browser. You have no worries about your history data to be deleted.

  • To install Opera Browser
    There is many ways to install opera browser in elementary os, but I will choose the simpler one is using snap. You just run this command below in your terminal.
    $ sudo snap install opera

If you don’t have snap, you have to install first by run this command below

$ sudo apt install snapd

Activate VPN

As default Opera Browser is not using VPN, so you have to activate it by yourself.

  1. Open your Opera Browser
  2. Type this url address opera://settings/vpnWithDisclaimer
  3. Enable VPN
  4. Done

Now your VPN will activated automatically every time you open Opera Browser. To disable VPN, just click the VPN icon on top beside url address.

VPN installed VS VPN addons browser

Here is the difference using VPN installed directly and VPN by addons browser :

VPN Installed

  • Work to all of your application, for example your game online also your browser.
  • Require a VPN server account.
  • You can use any VPN server from different countries.
  • You can tweak your network with VPN server.

VPN Addons browser

  • Work only on your browser. This will not affecting to another application.
  • Doesn’t require a VPN server account.
  • You can not choose VPN server from different countries.
  • You can not do more to tweak your network.


Sometimes VPN is working but my network is not going to private. So here is the tricks to make it work.

  • If VPN is working but your connection is not private :

    • Change you DNS network to use another public DNS like Google DNS,
    • Make sure your access website with SSL, because some of internet provider has block porn websites.
    • If this still not work, maybe the free VPN server doesn’t activated the tunnels. So you have to look the another VPN server account or just create it by yourself.
  • If you can not connecting with VPN :

    • Maybe you can try to use proxy or web proxy. You can get free proxy by just searching through Google.
    • Use Tor, but I don’t recommend this because Google has block Tor network, you will always getting recaptcha when searching in Google.


That’s all way to use VPN in elementary os. You can use VPN by OpenVPN directly or just VPN by addons browser. They have pros and cons that I’ve described in above article.

Actually I will choose to use VPN installed in my elementary os, because it will work for my all applications especially for my favorite game online. But I will recommend to use VPN just from addons browser if you just use it for browsing in internet.


  • Using VPN network maybe can slowdown your internet performance speed. If this happened, just change your VPN server, try to use VPN server which is from your country or very close with your country.
  • I recommend to use vpnsplit.com, because I have great experience with their VPN. They VPN server is so fast and all is unlimited also free. But remember, I don’t having any affiliate with vpnsplit.com, all of this is trully from my experience as user.
  • If you plan to use Premium VPN, I recommend to use ExpressVPN but it slightly more expensive than others.

By the way, Thank you for your time to reading my article.