Hello guys, Today I will talk about Elementary OS. Before I use Elementary OS, I was a machintos user. I use this linux distro since Elementary OS Freya was released, but for today I was use the latest of Elementary OS, it’s Hera or EOS 5.1. So in this article I will describe the reason why I choose Elementary OS instead Mac or Windows?

Why Elementary OS

At the middle of 2015. I was lost my apple macbook pro. So I bought a new laptop which is not an apple product anymore. I’m not using Windows because I am a mac user which is I do more familiar using a computer based on Unix.

After go searching through Google, then for the first time I was use Ubuntu Distro and I was to love it very much until I found that I just can not go work with Ubuntu because it’s too overheat for my new laptop.

So I tried to searching another alternative than Ubuntu and I have tried to install many Linux Distro until I found the best linux distro which is suitable for my work. It’s Elementary OS.

This is the reasons why I choose Elementary OS for my life working as programmer.

Compare with Ubuntu

Most of points reason to choose Elementary OS will be compare with Ubuntu. Why I do compare with Ubuntu? because comparing with Ubuntu seems more fair as Elementary OS is based from Ubuntu. I also will compare with Windows and Mac but only in some conditions like for graphical view, user experience and performance speed.

Good for low devices

My laptop specification is just standard like the most of cheap laptop.

Here is my specification laptop:

  • 2Gb of RAM
  • 250Gb HDD
  • Intel core i3
  • 2Gb of VGA

With above of specification, I still feel that Elementary OS really faster than Ubuntu. Don’t ever try to use Windows 10, because I feel so bad in performance to use Windows 10 with this specification of device.

If you want to know about minimum requirement of using Elementary OS :

  • Recent Intel i3 or comparable dual-core 64-bit processor
  • 4 GB of system memory (RAM)
  • Solid state drive (SSD) with 15 GB of free space
  • Internet access
  • 1024×768 display

That above minimum requirement statements is from official Elementary OS website. As you can see, my device is not even meet the minimum requirement to use Elementary OS. But I still feel enjoy to use Elementary OS.

Fast Booting

Fast booting is my main priority because I mostly work in mobility. I often to do presentation in public like seminar or discussion forum to make demonstration of my project. With using Elementary OS, the booting is very fast, it was under 10 seconds.

Battery is Eficient

I just buy the laptop with cheap in price. So the specification is just standard like the most of cheap laptop. So the battery power is not having a special things. When I was code with use Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu, my battery just can handle for around 1,5 hour then my laptop is going to power off because the battery power has run out. But when I use Elementary OS, my battery could stands longer, it can handle for more than 3 hours. This is so eficient battery.


  • I’m not using for playing game or watch the video, because this is not fair, this could give different answer because graphic process will took more powers from battery. And different graphic driver will also give different power consumption.

Night or Dark Theme

I work as JavaScript or NodeJS developer, so most of the time I code in the night day. So to prevent my eyes from laptop lights, I need a Night or Dark Theme. Elementary has a night theme as default, but with some tweaks, you can get the dark theme in Elementary OS. With dark theme I can more stands longer to code in the night day because my eyes feel comfortable.

No Overheat CPU

When I was still use Ubuntu, My laptop is often to shutdown by itself suddenly. After I search through Google about this happen, I was realised that this is happened because an overheat in CPU. Actualy I was install many battery safer application in Ubuntu like tlp but it just didn’t work in Ubuntu. But since I use Elementary OS, I never found this problem even I’m not install the battery safer application like tlp.


  • tlp application is also working to reduce some CPU process.


I feel the best lightweight OS is Elementary OS. Lightweight is not just about a size of an application like in the most ligthweight distros. Lightweight as what I mean is you can feel the performance speed is so fast like to opening the application, the use of the application and the memory consumption of an application. To check the performance, you can just run this command below in your terminal.

$ top

Touch Gesture

When I was using mac OS, I feel convenient with their touch gestures. Elementary OS has it’s own gestures which is you can set from settings menu. But for more advanced configuration you will need another library to be use in Elementary OS. With advanced configuration, now I can use gestures similar like in mac. This library is could be use for any kind of linux distros.

User Friendly

If you are mac user, I’m sure that you will feel this OS is very User Friendly. Because Elementary OS was design for simplicity of use and the layout of theme is really really clean and tidy. For my experience to use this Elementary OS, I feel like still using mac like before. Yes there is a little bit different, but if you are mac wannabe, there is a lot tutorial to transform your Elementary OS become mac especially for the theme, fonts, dock, etc.

How about windows user trying to use Elementary OS? If you are new in unix worlds, of course you have to learn the basic of using linux OS, but for desktop GUI, I think there is no problem, you can just use Elementary OS like the way of using windows before. Elementary OS is so simple even for someone who trying to use linux for the first time.

Vision is clear

This is an important things to me. I do work as software developer, so I can’t choose OS who the vision is not clear. Because I don’t have much time to always change for the OS. There is only few linux distro who has clear visions. One of them is Elementary OS. Elementary OS is very stable, especially for it’s LTS version. I don’t ever find the worst bug that made me to force reinstall or change the OS. So far Elementary OS is the best linux distro to me.

Elementary OS vision is:

  • Go Fast
  • Open Source
  • Safe and Secure
  • Simplicity
  • Productivity
  • Privacy Respecting

From the history of each version they released, they still stick in their vision. So this means that Elementary OS is very serious project as they have a clear vision.


Elementary OS has support which is makes easier for newbie to learn about this OS. They have documentation also have stack exchange for Question Answer about elementary OS. I found there are many Group Facebook and community about Elementary OS. Actually Elementary OS has big community in every country all over the world.


I was using Elementary OS for 4 years, so far I still loved to using this. This distro is really make my activity in the real world so productive because this distro is very user friendly, secure, fast and lightweight.

You are mac user? so I recommend you to use Elementary OS if you have a plan to use linux distro in the future. With some tweaks on gesture touch, I’m sure you will be feel like a home.

If you think this article is not fair because I just said the good points only, yeah it’s true. I know that mostly of Linux distro is having a bugs because it is an open source. But I will not describe the bad things because it was not disturb of my work of using this elementary OS. Since this Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, so I can easily fix the bugs from Ubuntu Community.

Actualy, I’m not having any affiliates with Elementary OS, this article is just true as my experience to using Elementary OS and some experience to use another linux distro also windows. My laptop is bundling with original windows 10, after 1 month of using windows I decided to change to use linux because windows performance is very bad, it is too slow for my specification, if you have good or expensive laptop, maybe using windows 10 could give you best experience.

So keep open mind, please leave a comment below if I miss something or if I’m wrong about Elementary OS.

Thank you for reading my article.